Standard Banner

I animated and built these 40kb flash banners for London agency King Henry as part a Gatwick advertising campaign.

Storyboard Design & Animation

I illustrated, story-boarded and animated these standard 40 kb flash banners for American company Multipop.

Standard Banner

I animated these standard 40kb flash ads for agency King Henry as part of a Gatwick advertising Campaign.

Dynamic microsite ad

I created these banner ads with dynamic hero image for regular updates of products and offers, it also includes interactive storefinder and a feed of their latest tweets.

Dynamic retargeting ad

I designed and built these retargeting dynamic flash banners for over 50 destinations. I created the designs in Photoshop and built them in flash.

Geo targeted ad

I designed and built these ads for Starwoods for over 80 destinations. The template included dynamic images and copy could then be geo-targeted to the users location.

Standard ad

As part of a promotion for cineworld I designed and built these banners which heroed various classic movies such as King Kong and Jaws and featured dynamic copy that would show the nearest cineworld in real time.

Contextual targeted ad

I designed this banner artwork for a pitch for 02, featuring social content, pinterest feed, video and dynamic images. Content would update in real time and be contextually delivered according to users interests, across sport, music, health and beauty.

Video ad

I designed and built these dynamic video banner ads as part of an ongoing campaign to promote Uniqlo’s latest ranges of clothing. The templates included dynamic text and images allowing them to update their ad campaigns easily.

Retargeting carousel ad

I designed the artwork for a set of templates for Wilkinson, to promote the latest range of new products featured in store. Featuring hero image and carousel of products.

Retargeting ad

I designed and built these dynamic ads for a German Robert Half campaign. 100s of versions were designed and built in advance and targted to users according to their recruitment segment.

Weather targeted ads

I designed and built these flash banners, and then created 100’s of combinations to test and optimise variations.The templates were used for regular creative updates according to seasonality, location and latest deals.

Banner Design & Development

If you are looking for a freelance banner designer I have many years experience designing and developing flash and html5 banners for creative and media agencies.

I have extensive knowledge of online display strategies and how to develop display banners from concept and storyboard right through to final delivery.

I can create a range of banners according to your requirements including, standard, Rich and Interactive HTML5 Banners.

I’m proficient in Adobe Edge, Google Web designer, Ad builder (Flashtalking’s HTML5 build tool) and have experience of Ad servers Flashtalking and Doubleclick.

What ever your requirement I develop banners that are on spec according to publisher guidelines and require minimal rounds of feedback and amends.

The things I do

HTML5 Banner Design & Illustration
Banner Storyboards
HTML5 Standard Banners
HTML5 Dynamic Banners
HTML5 Rich Media Banners
HTML5 Display Strategy
Google Web Designer
Adobe Edge
Flashtalking Adbuilder

If you need a freelance designer and have a project to discuss i’d love to hear from you!

About Me

Freelance designer based in Central London, with experience of Media and Creative agencies and working with large brands including Superdrug, Skin, Eurotunnel, Net A Porter, Gatwick, Harrods, Alamo and many more.

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